Darren’s First Three Months :)

My Darren reach 100 days which is mean that he already 3 months old…

hmm, time flies that fast… padahal i just feel hold him in my arm for the 1st time to give him breastfeed… Darren was an easy baby, maybe it’s because i’m happy with my pregnancy…. i read a lot journal,article, books, mailing list and blog about having pregnancy and nurture a baby… i was blind about nurture a baby but now seems that i’m an expert now. I try to handle everything by myself  with the help from superdad of course. and i wanna thank super dad for taking care of me when i sick on middle december 2007. I love you so much super dad!!!! My Darren sleep through the nite since he was 9 weeks…

and no need to be rock in the middle of the nite, yess… we can have a quality time of sleep in the nite then. Now Darren can play with everyone he meet, love to bable, talk with his 
babies angel in a buble and laugh very loud… and he also can lying flat on his stomach….

Good job baby!!! 

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