He said…

last nite i go to bed earlier since my ico dont go back to his office after he went to bank. So he pick me up from the office straight to home….

it was nice because we can go home earlier and have a rest and lil conversation each other at home.

after 9, he watch dvd till 1 a.m… i just go to sleep from 10… hehehehe… a bloody sleepy… =P

after he finished watch dvd, he go to bed and start to hug me & massage me …. cant tell you, how much that comfort me (thank you abank…)

suddenly, i feel something wet on my forehead… what is this ???  so, i ask ico… what is this ????

he said…. “i was grateful that i have a good wife and his tears began to run”

o, well.. i feel the same, i thank God for ico, the best i ever had…. i love you!!!

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