[BANDUNG] Past, Present, Future at Geologi Museum


Bandung, yes! Bandung again…

The nearest big city from Jakarta that attract so many hearts!

This time, we went to Museum Geologi, Jl. Diponegoro No. 57, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia on a sunny day 🙂


I was wrong about Museum in Indonesia! I think that museum in Indonesia is spooky, not maintained well and collections are so-so. But, once again I was wrong!

This is our second time visiting museum, and we are surprised because there are so many collection and different theme at every level.

At entrance door, we can spot mammoth 🙂

Manny the Mammoth

Manny the Mammoth

On first level we will see the history of living creatures, from amonites to homo sapiens 🙂

My first son was excited to see the age of first living creatures to the age of ancient shark called megalodon!


 On second level we can learnt about geology, the structure of rock to earthquake simulator.


Entrance Fee: Rp3.000 per person

Open: Mon-Thu 08.00-16.00, Sat-Sun 08.00-14.00, Friday OFF

Have yourself a great day at the museum!

– @HoneyJT-

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