Let’s have a toast!

I believe that you all have already know about a shopping center named Lotte Shopping Avenue, call it LOVE.

I have visited this mall and tried some restaurant in LOVE, until  I bumped to one small family resto with country style named iToast.

iToast located at 3rd floor, Lotte Shopping Avenue, Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio, Karet, Jakarta.


iToast dominated with warm color such as brown, unfinished brick which makes it unique 🙂


A boy who loves antique stuff 🙂

They served menu for brunch but you can also ordered fried noodles called Mee Goreng Mamak.

At that day, we ordered Traditional B menu, toast with peanut butter topping and half done eggs and Milan Brunch for my son, with mozarella cheese topping for cheese addict like him! 😀


We really enjoy our “snacking time” at iToast, and would like to come again for another menus 🙂

Price around IDR40k-IDR60k.

See you around and let’s have a toast! 🙂

– HoneyJT –

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