10 Must Have Fashion Items for Centro’s 10th year anniversary blog competition

Before I share my “10 Must Have Fashion Items”, I would like to say…. Happy 10th anniversary for Centro Department Store! Success to you and stay fabulous!

and here are my “10 Must Have Fashion Items”:

#1 Black Fitted Blazer


Black blazer in your closet is essential. You can pair it with almost anything from dress to trouser, and wear it in many occasions from formal to casual look. 


#2 Classic White Button Up Shirt


Get a total look with white shirt. It is simple but versatile.


#3 Little Black Dress


You can’t go wrong with LBD. You never have to worry about being unfashionable because it’s always in style.


#4 Jeans


Jeans are great for nice dinners, casual days at work, or event just pairing it with white tee (pic from Centro Department Store)


#5 Black Pumps


No girl in the world should go without  a pair of wearable, classic and simple black heels in their closet. These babies will be here for you from weddings to sorority functions and from first dates to first jobs.


#6 Black Trousers


This is an absolute must have items for emergencies. Not only for business suit, you can bring them out for clubbing, just paired it with stilettos and sequins top.. voila you ready to rock the night.


#7 Simple V Neck Tee


Wear under a cardigan or a blazer and with pair of jeans and ballet flats for comfy but still nice enough for class.


#8 Flat Shoes


Flat shoes is very comfortable for going to mall or travelling. It wouldn’t nice to see a girl walking at the mall dragging her high heels, it’s a BIG NO NO! (pic from Centro Department Store)


#9 A great and strong bag


The statement bag is an essential power item. Big or small, just find it with good material and great design and you’ll look fabulous. (pic from Centro Department Store)


#10 Batik


As an Indonesian, I am proud to wear batik. You can find batik as shirt, dress, accessories, shoes and bag. I love the philosophy, love the stories behind the fabric and proudly to wear it when I went travelling. So, Batik is my #10 Must Have Fashion Items!

That’s my 10 Must Have Fashion Items, what is yours?