Honey, you makes my skin smooth!

Girls, do you sometimes feel that you don’t have much time to go for a waxing on your daily routines? I Do!

As a beauty enthusiast, I often go to salon for waxing, but sometimes going for waxing is time consumables πŸ™‚

Not to mention waxing salon that not using good product, too hot sugar wax and makes your skin irritated 😦

I have been searching for wax treatment that can be done at home but can’t find one, until I found Sugarpot πŸ™‚


Sugarpot makes waxing easier anytime anywhere and save your valuable time! πŸ™‚

Let’s review Sugarpot!


Sugarpot Wax comes in 250grams plastic jar that not easily broken. Β Now, Sugarpot Wax available in salon size, 1.250 grams.


Sugarpot Wax have four variant sugar wax such as Honey, Matcha, Chocolate, Strawberry. Β Each product has its own uniqueness but one thing for sure that Sugarpot Wax makes you hairless! Not only sugar wax, they provide strips and spatulas, soothing mist after waxing and scrub too πŸ™‚


Affordable! I bought Sugarpot Wax Pure Honey Sugar Kit for the first time on February 2015 and I still have half jar to use. What a good deal compared to goint to waxing salon every month that can cost you IDR50K πŸ™‚

With price around IDR80K-IDR85K (not include delivery cost) you will received:

  • 250gr sugar wax
  • 2 spatulas
  • 12 washable strips
  • manual instruction

Β IMG_6297


Sugarpot Wax can be used directly without heaten but I prefer to be heaten so it will not too sticky. I take some amount of the sugar wax and put it in a glass or bowl. After that I soak glass or bowl in boiled or warm water, Sugarpot Wax ready to use!


Sugarpot Wax really lifts away unwanted hair from root and leaves my skin smooth and moisturized. No more irritated skin!

Thank you Sugarpot! Definately will re-purchase other variant πŸ™‚

So, girls… don’t you wanna try Sugarpot Wax and #behairlessbefree ?

– HoneyJT –