[Do It Yourself] Make Over A Baby Tuffle

Helo everyone! How are you doing?

I am on the stage of nesting instinct, so I decided to make over some stuff such as that 12 y.o baby tuffle and 2D’s room 🙂

Let’s check it out!

Picture 140

Picture 149

I repaint that 12 years old baby tuffle by myself with Super White color of Ftalit from Kansai Paint. Price for 1kg is IDR52,800 but since my husband bought it in Mitra10 , they gave 5% discount 🙂

For outside of drawers, I use Pylox (price IDR20,300), just to give some accent.

I don’t paint inside drawers because I do not want the paint become residue to baby’s stuff 🙂

Picture 141

the happiest big brother

Total expenses to makeover a baby tuffle is IDR70,400

Well, you can save much money and allocate it for other need 🙂

So, Do It Yourself!

– HoneyJT –