Baa… Baa..

Darren loves animals… I’ve been telling story for him about animals since he was 7mos

firstly, he know the roar of lion, tiger, sound of others wild animal…

and know he loves the sound of sheep… Baaa…baaaaa…..

i ussually take him to knock bathroom while his daddy taking shower, then daddy will make sound of animals…

and since yesterday, when daddy make sound of sheep… Darren will say… dooba… (he means domba…) and smiling… oh… you’re so cute son….

mommy loves you full…..

Almost one year :)

Just wanna report Baby D’s progress in life

Baby  D almost 1 yo… (sorry son, if mama don’t update the blog every month, coz you know that i’m yours after i go home from office, rite… =P )

darren kinda  a smart boy (Thank God for that), he understand emotion (he knows when i’m angry, disagree with him, sick, happy, ready to play with him etc) mungkin ini yanga namanya ikatan batin ibu dan anak…

Darren juga bisa jentikkin jarinya sampe bunyi untuk manggil burung (jarang banget ada anak bayi bisa begitu, dari umur 8 bulan dia udah bisa lakuin itu), buka dan tutup botol susunya sendiri, botol sampo, sabun, my ZA- energy water,minyak telon…   

sekarang Darren lagi belajar jalan walopun baru selangkah dua langkah (and i hope he can walk on his birthday)

udah bisa ngomong mamam lagi, ayo, mama, oma, ada

suka sama suara binatang

tersenyum kalo denger musik (sekarang Darren lagi denger happy baby country, cedarmont baby, suara binatang)

lagi seneng banget sama dinosaurus (never forget his “before the time land ” movie)

excited on barney , baby bee and papa

Loves mama so much… (hehehehehe)

Darren’s First Three Months :)

My Darren reach 100 days which is mean that he already 3 months old…

hmm, time flies that fast… padahal i just feel hold him in my arm for the 1st time to give him breastfeed… Darren was an easy baby, maybe it’s because i’m happy with my pregnancy…. i read a lot journal,article, books, mailing list and blog about having pregnancy and nurture a baby… i was blind about nurture a baby but now seems that i’m an expert now. I try to handle everything by myself  with the help from superdad of course. and i wanna thank super dad for taking care of me when i sick on middle december 2007. I love you so much super dad!!!! My Darren sleep through the nite since he was 9 weeks…

and no need to be rock in the middle of the nite, yess… we can have a quality time of sleep in the nite then. Now Darren can play with everyone he meet, love to bable, talk with his 
babies angel in a buble and laugh very loud… and he also can lying flat on his stomach….

Good job baby!!!