Snacking Time at Miss Bee


Bandung always offer new hangout spot!

And I would like to review this new hangout spot called Miss Bee Providore

Miss Bee is located in Rancabentang, Ciumbuleuit, an area that designed with colonal architecture.

They always full on week end so, make sure that you find the right time to visit Miss Bee.

I visited Miss Bee twice, the first one was on Saturday evening, near Halloween and I got number 14 on the queue… So I decided to gave up eventough I already fall in love with this place!


I love how Miss Bee selected a theme and go all out for the decoration 🙂

Two months later, I finally got a spot for snacking on Sunday evening, a BIG Yeay!!!

Miss Bee not only provide restaurant but also  playground, indoor and outdoor. Children can play while waiting for table set up.


Since the glass house is always full, I got a table in the house that feel really homey!

And the menus are delicious!


I am absolutely gonna comeback to Miss Bee and have my spot in the glass house!

You can get daily merchandise if you share your menus in Miss Bee’s social media 🙂


Thank you Miss Bee for your kind hospitality :*